Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Fox andTthe Wolf (An Original Story by Huldah)

I was cleaning my room and found a folder entitled The Story Book. It's a folder full of stories (in case you didn't guess) that I wrote when I probably about 8 (this was before I dated my work, so not sure about the actual age). One of the best is The Fox and The Wolf. I can tell you're getting all excited, "At eight, she came up with such an awesome title?" "What happens? Does the Fox befriend the Wolf?" Da-da-da-da-dum! Since the story is actually really boring (suspense at eight is a lot lamer than it is now), I've kept all original spelling and punctuation for your amusement! If you're reading this out loud take a deep breath because there won't be any stopping once you start.


                                                 The Fox and The Wolf

There lived a Fox named Foxy and he had a freind named Wolfy. Every day they always play togeter they play hide-n-seek + jump rope + they would ride bikes they hade so much fun 'tell one day when Foxy hade a party because they played in the woods by Foxy's house but the thing thats going to happen never com's to the house but theye live in the wood's so anyone who went to it's house it's bad so they went to the wood's and Foxy steped by it's house and a snak bite him on the leg and everyone ran but Wolfy because he was helping Foxy. (Notice how the drama builds and then - BAM!! Foxy gets bit by "The Thing", which is really a snake? Also, notice I finally used some punctuation) The next day Wolfy came to visit Foxy he hade gone to the hostpital last night + and he came home felling dizy but the next day he felt O.K. A month later Wolfy had a party. (Okay, notice how I just stopped? Can you say drama for a sequel? Also, who liked the plus signs instead of "and"?)

 We can all agree that I was an amazing writer at 8? I think this came about because our neighbor had told my brothers and me to be careful in the woods as there were copperheads. Obviously, I was impressed.

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